It’s always good to know who’s behind a blog.

I’m a Professor of Law and Policy in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. (Quite a mouthful!)  I’m a Faculty Fellow with both the Center for Religion and American Culture in the School of Liberal Arts and the Tobias Center of the Kelley School of Business, and an adjunct professor of political science.

Before coming to IUPUI in 1998, I had several careers: I practiced real estate, administrative and business law in Indianapolis, Indiana, served as the city’s Corporation Counsel, and in 1980, was the Republican candidate for Indiana’s then 11th Congressional District seat. I was President of Kennedy Development Services, a real estate development company, from 1987-1992, when I became Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union (the Indiana affiliate of the ACLU), a position I held until I joined the faculty of SPEA.

Elsewhere on this page, there are links to the various books I’ve written, and most of my scholarly articles are posted under “Academic Articles” for anyone who is interested.

For several years, I was a regular columnist for the Indianapolis Star, in addition to being a frequent contributor to other periodicals, and I used this site basically as a place to “park” my columns and speeches. Beginning in February, 2011, although I still write regularly for the Indianapolis Business Journal  and other outlets, I made this site my primary outlet—and I welcome your feed-back, and especially inclusion on your own blogrolls if you like what you read here.

For those who are interested in more detail, an abbreviated C.V. is posted here.

For those who are interested in more detail about my books, that information is here.

This website has been designed and is maintained by one of my sons, whose patience with and tolerance for his mother’s technological disabilities is greatly appreciated.