So This Is What It’s Like Living In A Soap Opera

The last couple of days have been nothing short of surreal.

There was the ongoing, tawdry back-and-forth between porn star Stormy Daniels and the President of the United States (when did we ever see “President” and “porn star” in the same headlines?), culminating in a lawsuit against said porn star for breaching the terms of a nondisclosure agreement that the President has denied had anything to do with him. (I’ll just leave that here for a moment…).

The lawyer who brought that suit should be sued for malpractice.

Far more consequential, of course, was the despicable firing of Andrew McCabe–two days before his pension vested and his announced retirement. If we had needed any additional evidence of Donald Trump’s vindictiveness and utter lack of class, the discharge and the childish tweet that followed it should have provided it.

The purported reasons for the firing were lame enough, but let’s assume that “lack of forthcomingness” actually justified dismissal of a career agent. The legitimate goal of any termination is to rid the organization of a person who is not performing. Human Resources professionals will generally counsel management to avoid “burning bridges”–to effectuate the termination as cleanly and civilly as possible.

McCabe was set to depart in a mere two days. The administration would have been rid of him–presumably, the goal. But Trump couldn’t leave it at that–he had to punish a twenty-one-year civil servant both by publicly humiliating him (a la Tillerson) and by depriving him of the pension he had earned over more than two decades–by terminating him two days before that pension vested.

Whatever else one might say about these two high-profile events, one element stands out: they were both incredibly stupid. (The only person who still believes Donald Trump is intelligent is Donald Trump.)

If Trump wanted to insist that he hadn’t been involved with Stormy Daniels, suing her for disclosing that he was involved wasn’t a genius move. And if he wanted to make it look like McCabe (a lifelong Republican) and the rest of the FBI were engaged in some sort of nefarious vendetta against him, giving McCabe a reason to spill everything he knows about the President probably wasn’t the way to accomplish that.

As the Washington Post reported

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions acted late Friday night on Trump’s publicly-stated wishes to terminate former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe — just hours before he was set to retire with full benefits — the president celebrated the ouster as a triumph that exposed “tremendous leaking, lying and corruption” throughout law enforcement.

The move emboldened McCabe, who said in a public statement that his dismissal was a deliberate effort to slander him and part of an “ongoing war” against the FBI and the Russia probe being led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

Like former FBI director James B. Comey, who was fired by Trump last year, McCabe kept contemporaneous memos detailing his fraught conversations with the president, according to two people familiar with the records. The danger for Trump is that those memos could help corroborate McCabe’s witness testimony and become damaging evidence in Mueller’s investigation of whether Trump has sought to obstruct justice.

The most scathing–and appropriate–reaction was that of former CIA director John Brennan, who responded to the events on Twitter:

“When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America . . . America will triumph over you.”

As my grandmother might have said, from Brennan’s mouth to God’s ears.

53 thoughts on “So This Is What It’s Like Living In A Soap Opera

  1. These ‘modern’ Republicans are making Warren Harding, Franklin Pierce, Richard Nixon, et al. look absolutely marvelous.
    Pretty soon, we’ll start looking at the two (close to three) Presidents who actually WERE impeached as belonging on a Presidential Honor Roll.

  2. We have all inadvertently become members of a horror version of the sitcom “Soap”; the leading character is Trump, cast as Bert who believed he could snap his fingers and become invisible. Trump believes by posting contradictory lies, his previous lies will become invisible to the public. Obviously; this is true regarding his supporting voters who are among those “fine people” in the neo-Nazi, White Nationalist and KKK groups who resort to violence on his behalf.

    Former CIA Director John Brennan’s comments are worth repeating here:
    “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America . . . America will triumph over you.”

    Going back to “Soap”; wonder what egotistical bragging transpired during “pillow talk” between The Donald and Stormy? Have you followed Trump is only concerned with the fact that Stormy broke their paid-for (by someone) contract not to reveal their affair; he isn’t denying her accusations. Another source of personal income being sought with his $20 MILLION law suit against her.

    As an aside; I believe AG Jeff Session will be the next to be fired…he has finally carried out Trump’s order to fire McCabe and ridding the AG office of Sessions leaves an opening for appointment of someone who would/could, might/will attempt to fire Robert Mueller and end the Russian investigation. Tune in again, “Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel”!

  3. Yesterday I read the Marc Pocan (Dem-W) offered McCabe a job working for the congress. I hope that works out. McCabe has LOTS to offer congress.

  4. 1. John Brennan for president! (Wait, make that Sheila Kennedy for president!)
    2. I’d love to see Sheila’s take on Ted Koppel’s book “Lights Out” and the seeming lack of urgency about the cyberwar that Russia is conducting on our infrastructure.

  5. To the already damning psychological profile of Donald Trump we can now add the term “sadistic”. As for Stormy, I refer all to the fact that the woman, besides being an easy turn in the bed, spent her “professional” life in the film industry. Who better to document via camera and mike a tryst with her customers?

  6. Trump certainly is not a polished politician. Unfortunately some political analysts are saying much of what is being written about him although true may not even hit Home with the general electorate.
    Trump isn’t even going to give McCabe his pension and that’s rubs most the wrong way. Others are out there that are going to agree with it sadly.
    What’s really difficult with pornstar thing is that this only puts Trump in the headlines and that’s where he wants to be good or bad. Pornography may be a hidden problem with a huge segment of our population even though we hope against it and the more it’s out there the more we have to fight it Having this hit the headlines does nothing for us in our fight. Kennedy- Monroe, Clinton – Lewinsky, Trump -Daniels. Argh!
    You’re fired was Trumps theme song in reality TV, only now it really is real.

  7. I’m not sure John Brennan is the best person to quote on the subject of morality. 😉

    Those in glass houses…

    In fact, there are very few people who make their living in politics within the Washington Beltway should cast stones.

    The entire phrase, “He lied under oath to Congress.” is now meaningless jibberish. There was a day it was offensive but those days have passed long ago.

    Trump’s mistake is his lack of self-awareness due to his monstrous sized Ego. He picks fights with others who don’t acknowledge his self-perceived “superiority”. The bigger the Ego, the more affirmation one needs. If folks don’t give him what he wants, “You’re fired!”.

    “The Ego is a veil between humans and God.” ~ Rumi

  8. it is called distraction – in the meanwhile he is filling positions throughout the government with flunkies that do not know one wit about the positions they have been put in – just to fuck it all up.
    The whole thing is just to keep the chaos rolling – bets he fires Mueller – TODAY – a Sunday when not many are around… it wouldn’t surprise me – he is a fucking coward and misanthrope and pardon my ‘French’ but I really hate the man and would avoid the very ground he walked on! He is the enemy of the State – but no one is doing anything about it. And the dog and pony show rolls on while our nation, our progress and our democracy dies one appointment at a time!

  9. It’s unfortunate that Brennan’s vocabulary will be too rich for Trump to understand. Maybe someone will translate for him.

  10. I would encourage Mr. McCabe to bring suit in Federal Court, since policy was not followed in his firing. Unlike those who are brought in for one–time positions in government, Civil Service rules cover those who are career civil servants. McCabe was supposed to have an opportunity to appeal the findings of the IG report.

  11. Todd,

    Where is your citation about Brennan’s glass house? How can someone with a massive ego lack self-awareness? They are ALL self-awareness to the point of having none left for anyone else.

    As this blog has been stating for months, Donald Trump is an evil troll of the first water. The damned fools who bought into his game think he speaks for them. Really? Maybe those folks need a little more of Todd’s idea about self-awareness.

    My hope is that Brennan’s quote:“When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America . . . America will triumph over you.” comes to total fruition very soon.

    Every day that Trump is allowed to stay in office, the Republican brand is damaged more. How stupid can THEY be to keep allowing this horrible person to stay in office. He’s certainly not fulfilling his oath of office and he is derelict in his duty to protect our nation from attacks.

  12. History does not repeat itself exactly. McCabe’s firing does have echos of the “Saturday night massacre” of 1973, when Richard Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor leading the Watergate investigation.

    Per the Guardian >> McCabe is a 21-year veteran of the FBI who became a lightning rod in a partisan battle over investigations into Russian election interference, potential links between Trump aides and Russia, and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

    Donald Trump’s personal lawyer said on Saturday he hoped the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe would prompt Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general overseeing the Russia investigation, to shut down the inquiry. <<<

    IMHO The Mueller investigation is going to uncover the financial crimes and misdeeds of The Trumpet (Agent Orange) and his family of scam artists.

    The Republicans are totally afraid of The Trumpet (Agent Orange) he has taken over the rank and file Republican voters. Pastor Pence will remain as the bobble head enabler and religious hypocrite.

    On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
    H. L. Mencken
    Read more at:

  13. I guess the one positive aspect of the vulgarian’s childish tweet is that it’s one more piece of evidence for “corrupt intent” behind his actions to interfere with Mueller’s probe. Especially when, on the heels of McCabe’s dismissal, his lawyer loudly demands the investigation end.

    Brennan may have skeletons in his closet, but that doesn’t make his statement in any way inaccurate. I’d say, though, an important descriptor he left of the list was “despot.”

    Vichy Republicans, Banana Republicans, call them what you will, it’s time for the majority party to reckon with the fact that they likely will be dealing with a Constitutional crisis weeks. Unfortunately, we’ve elected a majority party over the last 9 years that ran on a professed disdain for governance and democratic process (all while also professing an abiding devotion to the Constitution, which I am sure they may have read but failed to understand). The coming crisis is, in large part, of their making, in their failure to exercise their own Constitutional responsibilities for oversight of the Executive branch. They will have no idea what to do with themselves when the day arrives where there can no longer be any delay in the vulgarian’s removal from office.

  14. The one thing that I like about Trump is his skill at making enemies. Mueller won’t have any trouble gathering evidence. The line to contribute to Trump’s banishment to hell will be filled with enthusiasm.

  15. For all the jaw-dropping idiocy from the past few days from the Trump administration, can you IMAGINE what it’s going to look like if Mueller comes walking down the hall with an indictment? I suspect it will create the most significant constitutional crisis we’ve ever seen. I’m not looking forward to that.

  16. While I agree with Theresa that the timing of McCabe’s firing was “sadistic”, I think we should withhold judgement on the firing itself until we know more about the professional recommendations behind it. Would we repudiate Mueller’s findings if he concludes Trump should not be indicted or impeached? I would hope not.

  17. We must only assume Trump isn’t privy to all information uncovered to date by Mr. Mueller’s investigation. Placing Trump under oath is a legal requirement which may or may not happen; what we can be assured will not happen is Trump respecting that oath and telling anything resembling the truth. Trump’s latest Tweets, and that of his persona attorney, are still asking that the investigation be stopped because Trump says there is no truth to the information they are seeking. Forgetting the list of those who have already taken pleas and those who have been indicted must have passed on useful information to maintain momentum of this investigation. The fact that Manafort is wearing TWO electronic ankle bracelets (to keep him out of a prison cell) is evidence of actual evidence of some importance in this investigation. Trump’s repeated references to it being a “witch hunt” is old news; his recent firings are per Manuel, “it is called distraction – in the meanwhile he is filling positions throughout the government with flunkies that do not know one wit about the positions they have been put in – just to fuck it all up.”

    Speaking of current Trump “fuck ups”; why is Ivanka the “chosen one” to meet with South Korean government officials in place of fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? Distraction upon distraction in an international situation regarding a possible anti-nuclear pact or impending nuclear war should require an actual United States government official, not the use of nepotism. This is more like fodder for a Peter Sellers’ movie than any Soap I ever watched, including “Soap”.

  18. The most scathing–and appropriate–reaction was that of former CIA director John Brennan, who responded to the events on Twitter:
    “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America . . . America will triumph over you.”

    There is no way that I can top John Brennan’s comments regarding this total reprobate we currently have infesting the White House. If all of this is a bad soap opera it’s a bad soap opera straight out of hell.

  19. To me the most ironic aspect of McCabe’s despicable firing for allegedly not being “forthcoming” is that it was carried out by Jeff Sessions, who, himself, has repeatedly lied under oath, and who should be in prison for perjury.

  20. Hey! You guys and dolls are great thinkers and writers. We are fired up daily, but what we’re doing about it? Are we not already aggravated enough?
    Schoolchildren organized a march and they are vowing to stick with it.
    We have special elections coming up all over the USA.
    Who will organized a Citizens’ March to support the trend already underway at special elections – ousting Republicans, and who will organize for 2018 and 2020?
    What are we doing to halt Pence’s scheduled promotion?
    We need push-back on multiple fronts, the White House, the Congress, and we must NOT allow any more SCOTUS nominations by this oligarch to succeed. Overturning the Republican majority will enable us to block SCOTUS confirmations by McConnell’s GOP method.
    Let us, a bunch of us, begin marches everywhere. Again “For our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”.

  21. Patrick – Your insights ring true. A large part of the current crisis has to do not with Trump but with the Republican failure to reign in his excesses, which are legion, daily, and deadly to our democracy – or what is left of it with his assaults. Apparently Republicans want to run their majority advantage as long as possible on behalf of their donor base, not recognizing or choosing not to recognize that when an authoritarian takes over our government and our democracy evaporates, their donor base they are so anxious to protect are along with the rest of us also totally subject to the whim of the authoritarian. By doing nothing about Trump, one can say in the broadest sense that those of the Republican leadership are complicit in the approaching destruction of our democracy – our most valuable asset held in common – and that their failure to reign in this wannabe dictator is the equivalent of a vote for Hitler in 1933 Germany.

    Trump’s constant reiteration that Putin is “a strong leader” tells us that he would like to emulate such leadership, kill drug dealers a la the homicidal Filipino president etc., all signs of his not so hidden desire to take over the other two branches of our supposedly co-equal branches of government, folding their powers into that of the executive. When and if that happens, any pretense that we have a democracy is gone, and once democracy is gone it is very difficult to resurrect if not impossible in a police state. Let’s tell Republican politicians at both state and federal levels to clean up their Oval Office mess – or be swept aside by the approaching blue tsunami which is coming into view – since, literally, our democracy is at stake.

  22. I think a few here are much more worried that the Trumpster is tarnishing the Republican Brand than anything he actually does or doesn’t do. I for one would like nothing more than to see the bigoted and hateful organization torn to shreds and cast upon the wind. Let the Republican brand go right into the shitter. It deserves to die. The DNC and DCCC should be next.

    Also,people dislike Trump so much they’re willing to lionize such “torturous” souls such as Brennan. Yep,this is how the brownshirts eventually come to run a country. Trump doesn’t scare me as much as the reaction from people to his administration. Where was the indignation toward Bush and Cheney? Why is the “resistance” actually a McResistance? Why are the followers of both political organizations such lemmings? Yes,whether from the left or the right in America, ignorance is bliss.

  23. What was done to Valerie Plame and her husband was much worse than what has happened to McCabe. Of course,this faux indignation from the members of this forum is much more about partisanship than actual misdeeds.

  24. OMG,We are going to do nothing more than to sit at our Chinese made PC ‘s within the comforts of our humble hermitages and piss and moan about the current administration. We will continue to support an impotent party with candidates that empathize more with Republican donors and we will glad handedly commiserate with one another among the blogs. Followed by more piss and moaning.


  25. Some seem to advocate burning the house down by shredding the DNC and DCCC along with the Republicans. So, what’s left? The National Anarchist’s Party? There are no lemmings here. They are all on the Republican/Fascist side of things.

    Yes, we must be active and start marching, demonstrating, writing, phoning, organizing. It’s how the people get things changed. By doing these things, the fascists will panic and make even more mistakes which will drive even more people/voters away from their brand. But, we’d better get with the program while we still have free elections.

  26. Pete,Mueller is a hack. Ask scientist Steven Hatfill. Hatfill successfully sued the U.S. government.for millions..Thanks to Mueller’s incompetence.

    Only the ignorant will place an ounce of hope upon Mueller.

  27. “Trump’s mistake is his lack of self-awareness due to his monstrous sized Ego. He picks fights with others who don’t acknowledge his self-perceived “superiority”. The bigger the Ego, the more affirmation one needs.”

    Trump’s need for affirmation is copiously documented, but accounting for it has been off-base nearly everywhere, except maybe in Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury”.

    Perhaps my textbooks and professors of psychology had it wrong. According to them: The the stronger and healthier and larger one’s ego is, the LESS AFFIRMATION the owner of that healthy ego needs. Perhaps your meaning is better said: Trump’s mistake is his lack of self-awareness due to his tiny ego’s monstrous sized need of affirmation.

  28. JM at 10:36am
    “For all the jaw-dropping idiocy from the past few days from the Trump administration, can you IMAGINE what it’s going to look like if Mueller comes walking down the hall with an indictment? I suspect it will create the most significant constitutional crisis we’ve ever seen. I’m not looking forward to that.”

    JM – that’s what I am looking forward to urgently and prayerfully, a constitutional convention like the one that removed the evils of crazy King George The Third of England and the Parliament nitwit oligarchs.
    But first, reduce the Republican opposition to minority status.

  29. I have never wanted to be wrong this badly, but whatever charges Mueller files, I believe the Republican Congress will take up Trump’s chant on the rotten corrupt FBI and Justice Department and will vote to end the investigation. It’s their final chance to cover up his criminality, which they have done as a matter of policy since Jan. 20, 2017. I know of nothing the Democrats can do to overcome this last line of defense (if any of you know why I’m wrong, please add your comment). Despite the bold protests of all those who, like Brennan, believe democracy is worth saving, the Republicans seem to disagree and to hold all the cards. To me it looks like the odds of the rule of law being discarded “in the dustbin of history” are no better than fifty-fifty. How ironic that America might succumb to the least intelligent, most vindictive man who ever sat in the oval office. Mueller’s best strategy might be to keep investigating until after the fall election, but in all probability Trump would make his move before that.

  30. Nope Vernon,marching alone will not work. There were a lot of marches during the onset of the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars…..How did that work out? When was the last time there was a large march against the wars?

    That’s the problem with today’s Democrats. They would rather spend their time marching against the President because of the drama between himself and a pornstar– rather than against the wars and for healthcare. That’s why the resistance is a McResistance. We all know it. Let’s acknowledge it. Valerie Plame is outed by a former administration….crickets. But by golly we must sell our soul to Brennan because he doesn’t like Trump. Well,I don’t like Trump and I’ve never tortured anyone, but boy I’ve gotten some shit from you people. It’s like highschool. .

    Lastly,that’s great to be against Trump….But,what are we for? Not really much beyond some impotent rhetoric,flaccid canards and platitudes.

  31. I believe closest to the truth is that the threat here is way bigger than any individual or race or class or gender – It’s existential to government of, by, and for the people – all of our freedom is at stake.

    Simple triage says that if you cannot sustain life treating injuries is pointless.

    The only way that survival is possible is unity among those who value freedom rather than power.

  32. William, Mueller is NOT a hack. John Gotti no doubt wished that were true, but found that to not be the case. Your willingness to slander a dedicated public servant is duly noted, however.

  33. Well,despite all of the pearl-clutching and reaches for the fainting couch by the members of this forum.

    We still live in a country where a professor from a public university can post a blog criticizing the administration.

    Moreover, the upper echelon of the favored party (DNC/DCCC) amongst the forumites doesn’t feel that the Trumpster is a genuine threat. If they did,they wouldn’t have given him and his administration expanded spying powers. In fact,I’m told by some here that I must support the Democrats that gave Trump his expanded spying powers.


  34. Mueller is a hack. He almost sent an innocent scientist to prison. I guess that doesn’t mean much to a person such as yourself.

    You believe personalities are more important than actions,history and facts.

    Duly noted.

  35. Speaking of marches.

    While we’re worried about pornstars…Tarnishing the Republican brand…Trump and his hairdo….Lionizing Brennan….That gosh darn William ruining things…

    Marching will soon be looked upon as an act of terrorism. Where are the Democrats? Where are those that call themselves patriots? Where are those that claim to be for freedom? How come such pertinent things are not discussed here? Where are YOU?

  36. The Corporate Establishment Democrats does not have a message, rather they want Mueller and Stormy Daniels to accomplish all the heavy lifting, and let CNN and MSDNC deliver 24/7 coverage.

    Good article from Truthout.
    Pelosi-Style Limousine Liberalism Won’t Save the Democratic Party.

    Conor Lamb, who recently won a safe Republican District in a special election: Lamb repeatedly declared that he did not support Pelosi and would not vote for her as the Democrats’ House leader.

    Democrats looking for a lesson coming out of Pennsylvania now have one: To win, make the election about Paul Ryan, not Donald Trump. And get rid of Nancy Pelosi’s limousine liberalism in favor of economic policies advocated by Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., or Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. The best way to beat fake populism is with real populism.

    Pelosi will not co-sponsor HR 676 Enhanced Medicare for All. There is no “fix” to ACA. Boldness and commitment is what is needed. Health Care effects everyone.

  37. The causes and cures for the country vary greatly day to day here.

    Here’s simplicity. All Ds this year and ‘29.


  38. Pete; regarding our exchange of words yesterday and your comment today regarding “All Ds this year and 20.” I have a perfect slogan for our party. I just watched the movie “Trumbo”; the story of Dalton Trumbo and many of the victims of Joe McCarthy’s black list (today we could refer to similar circumstances as Trump’s blacklist); when Mr. Trumbo was finally allowed to put his name to his wonderful work on “Spartacus” there were rallies pro and con at the premier. I spotted one sign that we all need to remember but I would like to see it as the Democratic party rallying cry;

    “Courage is courageous; defend your Bill of Rights”!

  39. Trump has never been about making anyone else great again. It’s always all about him. And he loves a fight with any excuse to be cruel to others. He over-reaches time and again. McCabe had already taken leave of the job thanks to Trump. But Trump doesn’t get real joy (as demonstrated by the post-firing tweet) unless he drives the knife to its deepest point.

    Sadly, the more we know of Trump, the darker his soul looks.

  40. Some issues are nuanced and require careful analysis and risk considerations. They are very hard to get right.

    Fortunately 2018 in the US is not one of them.

  41. William. I have been marching, calling, writing, going to town halls, attended legislative study committees, testified at legislative hearings, registered and gone to the polls my entire voting life. You make assumptions that are false in the case of the hundreds, thousands, even millions of people who have remonstrated, are actively involved, are seeking to be informed and DO vote.

  42. It’ll be interesting how Trump’s choice–Gina Haspel– for the head of the CIA will be handled by the pundits, et al.

  43. JD, Do you believe when the upper echelons of the Democratic Party supported giving Trump his expanded spying powers upon the populace, that they have given you a slap in the face and have denigrated your past marching,protests and efforts?

  44. I think Trump’s latest tweet openly criticizing Mueller’s investigation is in itself an act of obstruction of justice and more, considering his station as a prospective criminal defendant as Mueller’s investigation continues to unexpectedly uncover financial crimes beyond the reach of traditional definitions of obstruction. I have been writing and predicting elsewhere that Mueller will not indict a sitting president but rather choose to submit his final report to the Congress for purposes of impeachment.

    With new evidence of a much broader set of possible crimes and conspiracies beyond mere obstruction reaching from Facebook to joint money laundering with Russian oligarchs, I am ready to recant and now think that Mueller may try his luck with a submission of his findings to a grand jury and indict Trump and others along with submission of his report to the Congress.

    There is dispute among us lawyers on both sides of the bench as to whether a sitting president can be indicted and a dearth of case law in support of one proposition or the other. I am on the side that says a president can be indicted while sitting because the Constitution does not prohibit it and we should uphold the rule of law and the constitutional application of the Equal Protection Clause on the basis of what you are alleged to have done rather than who you are.

    In all events and in view of the cascading evidence that this is a RICO case what with all the racketeering going on in the Oval Office among Trump, his relatives, Russians and others in his inner circle, all illegal activities but unrelated directly with obstruction though ancillary to it given the majesty of the Oval Office, and since Mueller goes where the evidence leads him, I would not be surprised to see a grand jury indictment of Trump by either Mueller or the State of New York, or both, and if Trump is sitting, perhaps we can have the Supreme Court clarify us on the issue of whether a sitting president can be indicted. I think there is a good chance that the court will vote in the affirmative, and that a petit jury will subsequently convict, but time and further evidence of wrongdoing or lack thereof will tell.

  45. Bravo William,

    While I must admit you seem to fall a little bit on the abrasive side, which is more than OK, perhaps that’s exactly what’s needed given the situation we find ourselves in. You’re absolutely right, we can do exactly what you said, piss and moan about all this and wax eloquently regarding what needs to be done or we can do something that’s tangible. Before marching in protest is outlawed by this infernal “President” and the sycophantic, do-nothing Congress that back him up, we need a plan for the worst. None of that will very likely involve sitting on one’s sofa and watching the news intently every day.

    We’re in grave danger and we need to come to that realization as fast as we can and be prepared to act accordingly if, as the Brits like to say in times of national emergency, “the balloon goes up”. Our futures and the future this country is its stake and I can’t think of anything that’s more important than that in regard to grabbing our attention and having us rise up in defense of what we all hold dear. Very soon it might be time, as the French once said two centuries ago, to man the barricades.

  46. Tom,

    “While I must admit you [William] seem to fall a little bit on the abrasive side, which is more than OK, perhaps that’s exactly what’s needed given the situation we find ourselves in.”


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